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The insult filter

In order to fight against the unwanted behavior of certain players, Wolfy has implemented an automatic insult filter.

How does it work?

The insult filter is a system that will block certain words or expressions which have been judged offensive or undesirable during a Wolfy game.
If a player uses a word blocked by that filter, they will receive a warning through an automatic message, and risks being banned if they repeat their action.

The filter considers words placed in two categories:

Minor Chat Infraction

This category concerns expressions used daily, but their primary meaning is offensive (for example, "idiot" or "shut up").

At this stage, the robot considers the message as vulgar. It will prevent it from being sent and warn the player.

Even if the words considered as being vulgar don't punish you with more than a simple warning, they can lead to a higher punishment if you are reported for offensive messages. The moderators will analyze your previous messages.

Major Chat Infraction

The words considered as offensive can lead to a more direct punishment, from a warning to a permanent ban from Wolfy.

Everything starts with a warning
And ends with a ban in case of repeated abuse
All attempts to bypass the insult filter will lead to a punishment.

If you wish to add a word to the insult filter that isn't blocked, you can let us know.

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Updated on: 24/01/2024

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