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Become a Moderator

Would you like to join the project one day as a Moderator? This article may interest you.

The role of a Moderator

What is a Moderator?

Moderators are volunteers who supervise players on the game and on the Discord server.
They make sure that the atmosphere is good and that the players get along well, and they make sure that the rules are respected by punishing abuse.
They animate the support and social networks, and they participate directly in the development of the project.

This involves several responsibilities:

Managing player reports
Replying to support messages
Moderating the Community Discord
Sharing feedback with the game production team

What skills are required to be a Moderator?

The expected skills are multiple, they can be summarized as follows:

Exemplary behavior on Wolfy and on Discord
Low spelling mistakes
Maturity, respect, autonomy
Sense of responsibility, initiative
Kindness, good humor
Interest in Wolfy
Time to devote
Willingness to invest in a team (regular voice chat and written presence with the team)

We are not looking for moderators who want to use their permissions on players to get the upper hand. A moderator who does so risks being removed from the project.

I meet the requirements, how do I join Wolfy?

If you meet all the requirements, then you can join us. To do so, you must wait for an enrollment to be announced. We announce these enrollment periods on our social medias like Twitter, Instagram or on the Discord.

You will then be invited to fill out an application form.
Then the application managers will contact the different pre-selected candidates some time after the closing of the applications to carry out an interview.
The final selected Moderators will then be officially announced and will be coached and supported as they join the team.

How will I be supported?

When you join Wolfy, you'll receive initial training on all the tools of moderation, and a dedicated mentor. You will never be alone, and everything is set up to facilitate your integration into the team.

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Updated on: 07/11/2021

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