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Contact Wolfy

There are different ways to contact us. Here is how to do it:

Contact the Moderation

In case of misunderstanding, dispute of a punishment, or ask a question about the game, it is possible to speak with a moderator in order to obtain answers. To do so, several means are at your disposal:

Live chat

Live chat allows you to have a conversation with a moderator directly from the Wolfy support website.

In order to contact a moderator, you just have to go to the support page, click on the "contact" bubble at the bottom right of your screen. You will have to fill in your information (email and username) and explain your problem. A moderator will answer you as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that if the person talking to you is from the villagers' side, they are a moderator. If they are a wolf, they are a developer or a manager.

Keep in mind that the live chat is not an instant chat, you will receive a response as soon as possible, a short delay may apply.
Once the chat has started, you can explain your problem. A robot will then ask you to enter your email address and your Wolfy username. Finally, a moderator will answer your request.


It is also possible to contact the support team by email. In order to do so, send an email to this address:

In order to speed up the processing of your request, it is better to give as many details as possible about your problem and provide us with all the information necessary to solve it (username, date and approximate time of the problem, order number if it is a purchase).
Social Networks

Finally, it is possible to get in touch with us via social medias like our Instagram, or our Twitter.

Report a bug

In order to report a bug or a flaw on Wolfy, it can be useful to contact the development team.
To do this, the same means mentioned above can be used, namely: live chat, email or our social networks

It is also possible to contact the developers in the Wolfy Discord help room. Here is a video showing how to access the Discord, link your account and use the help room:

Join the Discord server via this link
Link your Wolfy account to the game here
Write a message explaining the problem in the "help" room (only visible once your account is linked). A developer will answer you or fix the problem.

Professional requests

For all professional requests, the corresponding email address is:

This email does not deal with requests concerning punishments. Please contact only the moderation team for this kind of problem.

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You can refer to this guide to learn more about Wolfy:

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Updated on: 07/11/2021

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