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Different types of game

There are 3 categories of games on Wolfy: Fun Games, Serious Games and Private Games.

The number of experiences and laurels earned in a game is the same regardless of the type of game.

Fun Games

Fun games are the default games on Wolfy and are available to everyone upon registration.
The basic rules apply:

Revealing the Couple or the Werewolves
Copy pasting information
Unwarranted suicide
Playing against your camp

You will find the details of these rules on this page: Punishable behaviors

Serious Games

Serious Games are for players who want to push the strategy and thinking of the game.

They are only available from level 5. Once this level is reached, a tab will be visible above the list of games allowing to change the type of games displayed. A player below level 5 can still access a Serious Game via the game link.

In Serious Games, the same rules apply as in the Fun Games, but other more strict common sense rules promoting fair play are also added. Here is the list of rules exclusive to the Serious Games:

Private Games

Private games are games that are not displayed in the game list.

To play in a private game, you just have to check the option when you create the game. Then, only the people with whom you will have shared the link of the game will be able to join it.

The moderation does not punish in this type of game. You are free to play with your own rules.

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You can refer to these guides to learn more about Wolfy:

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Updated on: 25/02/2024

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