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First steps

New to Wolfy? We will guide you step by step in this new adventure.

What is Wolfy?

Wolfy is an application to play Werewolves (also called Mafia) on the web, iOS and Android.

Each game, player takes on a secret role with different powers, and must fight against nightly werewolf attacks that take out the villagers one by one.

How to play Wolfy?

Wolfy can be played on 3 different platforms:


Create your Wolfy account

To play Wolfy, you need to have an account. Creating an account takes a few seconds and will allow you to save your progress in the game.

You can create an account from the registration page of the website, or from the application itself.

How do I join a Wolfy game?

That's it, you now have your own Wolfy account, congratulations!

Now it's time to join your first game.

To start your first game, click on the yellow button "PLAY", this button will automatically join the most crowded game.
You can also choose the game you want to join from the list below the button.

Let's get down to business

Now that you have your own account and have joined your first game, it's time to learn to play.

You can refer to these guides to get started:

Wolfy in game
The Hub: Play

Updated on: 07/11/2021

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