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Moon Pass

The Moon Pass is a feature introduced on June 24, 2021 on Wolfy. It is a seasonal event starting at each full moon and lasting 28 days.

How does the Moon Pass work? 🌙

As soon as the moon is full, you are invited to play on Wolfy and gather experience to advance in the 28 steps.

Each step is represented by a box containing a reward: Skin, Tomb, Coins, Moons.

As mentioned above, the Moon Pass is temporary and lasts 28 days.

Interface of a player who bought the Moon Pass
Skins are all exclusive and have been made for the Moon Pass.

Cost of the Moon Pass 💰

Unlocking the Moon Pass costs 1.000 moons, and allows you to unlock all the steps of the season.
In terms of investment, one season represents approximately 10.000 moons of items to unlock.

The Moon Pass is for players who have purchased moons as well as for those who cannot afford them. Some steps are free and all players can unlock them, other steps are for Moon Pass owners only.

A player unlocks an item
It is possible to complete a step without playing by paying moons. The price varies according to the step completed.

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Updated on: 18/01/2024

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