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The Hub: My skin

On Wolfy, it is possible to modify your appearance and clothing.

Edit my skin

To do this, nothing is simpler. You just need to click on the "My Skin" button in the menu on the Hub.

You can modify the body part that you wish to modify by clicking on the "Body" or "Head" tabs on top of your character.
You can now modify your skin by clicking on the body part and selecting the clothes or accessories that interest you.

Upon your arrival on Wolfy, you will only have a handful of items.
To gain more items, you can buy or unlock different daily offers that change every 24 hours, or become an Alpha member and unlock different exclusive items. It is also possible to collect different items thanks to the Moon Pass.

The majority of clothes also propose a predefined selection of colors. You are free to choose whatever pleases you!

Once you're satisfied with your skin, click on the yellow "Confirm" button on the bottom of the page to save your appearance and be able to play with it in your future games!

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Updated on: 09/11/2021

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