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The ranking on Wolfy has had a makeover since July 2022! All players are concerned, it rewards those who have acquired the most Laurels or experience. Who will be the best player on this full moon? 🐺

How does the ranking work ?

🧮 For obvious reasons, we cannot reveal our algorithm and our calculation methods to gain laurels. However, gaining experience and laurels comes from playing games, depending on role, composition and game actions...

🌿 The more Laurels you accumulate, the higher you climb in the rankings! All active players are rewarded with Laurels, which are obtained by playing Wolfy and at the end of each game. To be an “active player” and therefore enter the ranking, you must have played 3 qualifying games during the season. The player who has earned the most laurels between two full moons will end up in first place.

🌙 The ranking is monthly, the Laurels are reset to 0 at each full moon.

👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏽 This leaderboard is all about your friends: you can see your friends' rank and compete against them!

👑 Who says ranking, says rewards : Laurels are offered at the end of the season to the best players.

To win the first Laurels, you have to be better than 50% of active Wolfy players
To earn the second Laurels (Steel Laurels), you must finish within 20%
The third Laurels (Bronze Laurels) reward the 5%
The fourth Laurels (Silver Laurels) are offered to the 1%
The fifth and last Lauriers (Golden Laurels) symbolize the players finishing in the Top 10

All your Laurels collected over the full moons are displayed on your profile for life and are cumulative. Players who accumulate 10 Gold Laurels, even if they are not obtained successively, will receive the Laurels outfit 👗

If you win Laurels on a full moon, they glow for 1 month to highlight your recent success. If during this month you do not win these Laurels again, they will remain in your wardrobe but will no longer be shiny.

For the oldest among you: if you had won Laurels since the opening of Wolfy until the new ranking, you received an exclusive grave for each Laurel earned.

Where can we see the leaderboard ?

To access the current leaderboard, simply click on the "Leaderboard" tab from your Wolfy account homepage.

This page is divided into two distinct parts:

⬅ Left part: the current ranking of your friends

Your friends are sorted and displayed according to their ranking on the current full moon.

You can also add a person who is not your friend in your ranking by searching for their nickname, and you can remove them by clicking on the cross. If you click on a profile, you will access their statistics and profile on the right. You will then be able to see your Laurels gap with the player.

➡ Right side: your detailed statistics

For you or for other players, you will find more than 50 new statistics: rank, level, skin, number of Laurels, current position in the ranking, date of registration, number of games won, number of kills, number of words per part…

You will also find the history of Laurels earned and a progress bar to see how many you have left to reach the next Laurels.

You have access to role statistics. The one with Gold Laurels is the one where you have the most victories. You will know thanks to the statistics "innocent" and "threat" your percentage of victory while being in the camp of the village and the percentage of victory while being a Werewolf or a solitary role.

You will be able to see in the history of the most recent games in which turn you were killed, if you won, if you were in a relationship or maybe infected, if you played in a serious or vocal game, what role you had or even the number of players in the game.

To learn more

Now that you know better the ranking and how it works, you surely want to be part of it. For this, we recommend these guides to help you improve:

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Updated on: 26/01/2024

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