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Alpha Rank

Do you wish to enrich your gaming experience and support the project? The Alpha rank is made for you!

What is the Alpha rank?

The Alpha rank is purchasable with 2.400 moons, available in Wolfy's online shop, which offers numerous perks forever in game:

A highlight of your rank
Preview of the roles
Double your coins!
Numerous exclusive items
Daily rewards in the shop
Access to the shop's offers until a week later
No more ads
10.000 coins offered
The book of the dead
The role suspicion option
A highlight of your games
Anonymous mode

On Wolfy's community discord, Alpha members also have a rank and a room dedicated to them. Furthermore, purchasing the Alpha rank establishes a great help and support for Wolfy!

Exclusive items

You can find perks of the Alpha rank in detail in the shop.

Here are all the skins you can get by purchasing the Alpha Rank !

How to get the Alpha Rank ?

First of all, you simply need to go to to the shop by clicking on the "[Shop](" button in the menu at the top of the Hub.

The shop is decomposed in multiple sections: the Offers of the day, the Alpha Rank as well as the Moon Packs. You can now direct yourself to the "Alpha rank" section.

The Alpha rank is purchasable with 2.400 moons. If you do not own any moons, we recommend you buy the Alpha Wolf pack of 3.000 moons which allow you to purchase the Alpha rank as well as supplementary skins with the remaining 600 moons.

Good job! You are now the happy owner of the Alpha rank, you are part of the elite!

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Updated on: 06/02/2024

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