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The Hub: Play

The Hub is the entirety of interfaces of which you have access too once you're connected, without being in game.
We will present to you step by step the basics of the principle interface of the Hub, "Play".

Joining a game

To join a game, you have multiple possibilities.
The "Play" button will "automatically join you" the game with the most players.

However, you might want to play a game with a specific configuration. Observe in the list of games these different criteria:
The number of players. The higher the number, the harder and more complex the game will be.
The chosen roles. You might have preferences, wishing to play with certain roles or appreciating a certain balance.
The type of game (text or voice). A voice game requires a microphone.

Creating a game

On Wolfy, it is possible to join a game, but also to create one and define your own settings.
You can create a private game by clicking on the green button next to "Play".

The creator's game settings are varied:
Choice of the number of players
Tailored creation of the role composition of the game
Creation of public or private games
Creation of games with or without mics (the sound of players go directly through the game)
Type of game: Fun or Competitive

Creating a private game

To create a private game on Wolfy, you must first create your game.
Before opening it to other players, modify the accessibility to "Private".

Fun and Competitive Games

Two types of games exist within Wolfy. By default players will find themselves in "Fun" games.
However, "Competitive" games also exist and are accessible through the option button.

Competitive games regroup players who wish to deepen their reflection of the game on Wolfy.

These are the rules:
Revealing your role and hints possibly leading to the discovery of your role is forbidden.
Fairplay is the most important. All incoherent action is prohibited for the profit of reflection.
An active presence is required.

To have access to "Competitive" games, you must be level 5 or higher.
In fact, these games demand more severity, this filter allows to avoid beginners accidentally finding themselves in these types of games.

Playing with friends

When a friend joins your game, a purple button will appear on the right of the username in your friend list.
You can join your friend by clicking that button.

It is also possible to join your friends by asking them to share the link to their game.

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Updated on: 03/01/2024

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