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Find Werewolves

Strategy and reflexion are your best weapons in this game. No matter what your role is, you can always read the game to try to find the werewolves.

The lack of powers or special abilities is the best way to push the thinking.
These tips are segmented into several days, usually covering the beginning, middle and end of the game as if you were following the game.

These explanations are not intended to help you use the different powers present in the game. It is more a question of pushing one's thinking and analysis so as not to have to resort to a specific role to find the werewolves

First day

The first victim may already reveal some subtle information about the identity of the werewolves. Who was she? What person in the game might have had reason to be angry with them? Was it an unfortunate coincidence or did it reveal a clear intention? Every death, no matter how small, is a source of many clues.

During the course of the first day it is an opportunity to have a first look at the players present.
Who is active? Who is not? Is there a Talkative Wolf hiding in the crowd? Do some people seem overly aggressive and inclined to vote players out for no apparent reason or to follow the votes without saying much or giving their opinion?

Tracking Werewolves is a question and answer game that you have to play with yourself, building your own theories, following your intuitions or, failing that, those of other people in the game who seem innocent at first sight.

Thus, little by little, you start to build up a first opinion about each one. You secretly write down in your head your first hypothesis of roles on some players (or directly in game via the role suspicion system available for Alpha members), which will be useful later when many days and information will have passed.

Second day

The first deaths are starting to pile up, and now, based on what happened during the end of the first day and the night of the second round, you should be able to start holding solid leads on potential Werewolves.

Then comes the election of the mayor, an important moment to observe those seeking this role, which is decisive at the end of the game.
Is there a player who seems to be voted for by a group of people without really knowing why? Is it just someone popular in the game or is he or she playing a double game?

Just as it is important to know who your allies will be, you should never completely forget that appearances are rarely what they seem in a Wolfy game! An innocent mayor in the second round may not be innocent all game in the case of a Black Wolf infection.

Now that the mayor has been elected, you must go on the offensive and make your first accusations while listening to others.
Yes, it is quite possible that someone else in the party has information to pass on, so you have to be attentive and observant.

A clever innocent with information about the game will not want to reveal himself. He might try to sneak his messages to the other players without showing that he is totally sure to avoid being a prime target during the night. So sometimes it's a matter of reading between the lines (keep in mind that perfecting and polishing your innocent gameplay is also better preparing you as a Werewolf, because you'll also know how to act like one).

With all of this information gathered, you can try to eliminate someone who looks suspicious and see what reaction that causes.
Do the players become hesitant? Or, conversely, does the player you suggest get voted out quickly without explanation?

If this is the case, and it's not an obvious Werewolf, chances are it's an innocent, and the Wolves were trying to take advantage of your vote to eliminate one more villager during the day!

Third day

The game is progressing and many roles are beginning to be revealed, graves are being dug in numbers and the ugly shadow of doubt still hangs over the village. It is urgent and vital to use all possible means to kill these Werewolves.

Using the information gathered in previous rounds, you must always keep asking yourself questions.
Which player has not been involved in the game since the beginning? Who keeps following and making mistakes in their votes, putting too many innocent people at risk?

If you don't know who your enemies are sometimes, it's also a good idea to summarize who your allies are, and thus eliminate a good part of the suspects, to reduce your list to a minimum. Players who have revealed their roles can be excluded from your hypothesis.

Once you have narrowed your list down to a few names, use any questions that come to mind: ask the target to justify their behavior and identity, studying their reaction as well as that of the other suspects you have.

Fourth day

It's a massacre in the streets of the village. The survivors can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but you are still alive, so it is up to you to make a difference. Your ally of yesterday may now be your enemy.

We are in the fourth round, the whole village seems to be rid of the werewolves... Everything? No! One isolated and well-concealed enemy is still resisting the active search of the village. It's time to find your last enemy, the infected.

Everything has to start over again because now it's you against the world, every survivor may actually be infected by the Black Wolf and it's your duty to find him.
You have to analyze the entire game since the infection to find any differences that may have appeared among the survivors and perhaps indicate that a particular player may have actually been infected.

Which role seems to have played strangely? Who, on the other hand, seems to have been on the village's side from the start? Did the witch use her death potion correctly or did she send an innocent man to his death? Did the guard do a good job of protecting himself? But isn't this a trap to get you to side with her?
It is essential to sort out all of her information correctly so that you can find your way around. Once you have made your decision, you will have to listen patiently to each one, to see in their attitude and behavior the glimmer of a well hidden night grey hair.
At the end of the day, there will be only one side, and it's up to you to decide which side will win!

Deepen your thinking

You are now ready to face the menacing fangs of your mortal enemies!

You can learn more by joining us on the Official Wolfy Discord, where you can meet the community of Wolfy players and come to exchange with them to learn and improve.

We recommend this video on the same theme and providing other methods of playing to find werewolves.

Keep in mind that there is no ultimate way to flush out all the Wolves, every game is different, so it's up to you to adapt as best you can and as a result, don't rely on what you've learned all along, but also on what each new game has to offer.

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Updated on: 17/11/2021

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