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Playing the Witch

A role of both protection and death, the Witch is a staple of the werewolf game. It is one of the most powerful role, she can swing apart the game.


The Witch's objective is to defeat the Werewolves. The Witch wakes up every night and can use one of her two potions: save the Werewolves victim, or kill another player.
The Witch can only use one potion every night. She can choose to do nothing.
She only has one of each potion.
Her potion overrides the Guard or the Hunter over the Red Riding Hood's protection.


Using your healing potion

The strategies surrounding the Witch's role can vary according to their playing style. Some would suggest using your healing potion during the first round, some would prefer to use it later, and others would use their potion on themselves and them only.

Here are some interesting tricks:

Using your healing potion during the first round guarantees you to save at least one player through the game. You can clear a player, at least on the first day, and you are sure not to lose both of your potions if you get killed during day one.
Saving another player can allow you to know who is innocent. Be careful, the Wolves can trick you and vote for one of their own, and the Sick Rat could be taken as a target.
Using your healing potion on yourself is a way to assure you save someone innocent: yourself.
It could be useful to use your healing potion when the Wolves could take an advantage in numbers (taking in account the mayor).

Using your death potion

The Witch has the possibility to kill any player at any moment during the game, even the player protected by the Guard or the Red Riding Hood.

This action is not recommended for the first round, because statistically speaking: the Witch has very little chances to kill a Werewolf. This action is allowed in fun games but is forbidden in competitive games.

To optimize your chances of killing a Werewolf, you can use your potion near the end of the game when you think you can exonerate enough players, or try and kill a player earlier in the game that you find suspicious. Make sure you do not fail, the village might think you're infected.

The Infected Witch

If you are infected, your potions will be a real asset for your party. You can use your healing potion to make believe you are not infected. You can also use your death potion to raise suspicion on others… Killing the Red Riding Hood can help you to accuse the Hunter ! In any case, this dead innocent at night can help the Werewolves to take advantage numerically.

Knowing who between the Witch and the Guard saved a player

In a particular configuration, it is possible for players to figure out whether the Witch saved a player, or whether it was the Guard:

When the Black Wolf is alive and has not infected anyone yet, a message after the Werewolves turn indicates that the Black Wolf has the opportunity to infect a player.
However, if this message does not appear, the Guard has protected the target from the werewolves. The Witch then still has her healing potion.
If the Black Wolf already infected someone, you are the only one to know if the Guard’s protection or the Red Riding Hood were targeted or if you are responsible for no dead people during the night.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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