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Playing the Black Wolf

Emblematic role of Wolfy, the Black Wolf adds mystery and unknown in the Werewolves party for the villagers. In fact it is hard to know the identity of an infected player, because he keeps his role.


Defeating the innocents is his objective. During the night, he wakes up with all the other wolves. Once during the game, he can turn the chosen victim into a Werewolf : we call this infection..
The Black Wolf is a Werewolf with a supplementary power.
Once the victim has been chosen by the Werewolves, the Black Wolf has the possibility not to kill that person and to turn him into a Werewolf.
The infected player keeps his original role and powers, and adds the Werewolf's characteristics: he wakes up at night with the other wolves to vote, and wins the game by eliminating the entirety of the village.
The Seer cannot know that a person has been infected, which makes that player harder to identify and thus stronger.
However, the Mentalist and the Gravedigger can find the infected thanks to their power.


Be discreet… But not too much

The Black Wolf is the Werewolf with more power because he can add a wolf in his party. Be careful not to be unmasked in the beginning and before you could infect. It would be a shame to be accused of being the Talkative Wolf because you put yourself towards too much in the debates. But be careful not to set back too much : other players might think you are suspect if you try to make yourself inexistant. Ideally you must stay as natural as possible without overdoing and watching your words.

Infecting without too much delay

If the Black Wolf dies before he uses his power, the werewolves multiply their chances of defeating. It is recommended not to wait for the end of the game for infecting someone.

Infecting a strong player

Infecting a player during the first night is generally not a good solution. Try to collect as much information as possible on the players before you infect one of them. It is usually more interesting to infect a Witch, a Pyromancer or a Hunter rather than a Simple Villager. In fact, once in the werewolves' party, the infected player can use their powers against the village.
It is strategic to choose a player who is not suspected by the village.
In a game with the Sick Rat, it is more careful to choose a player who is already contaminated to avoid infecting the Sick Rat.

Reading in between the lines

When the Black Wolf is called at night, you can conclude different information as an innocent. At the sunrise, if the Black Wolf has not been called during the night whereas he has not infected yet, you can deduce : that there was no vote by the Werewolves, that the Guard has protected the wolves’ target, or that the Red Riding Hood was targeted whereas the Hunter is still alive.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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