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Playing the Cupid

Easy to understand, the Cupid is an easy role to play, if you stay attentive of your couple. However, it is less obvious to know how to play when you've been designated as a lover by Cupid.


Defeating the Werewolves is his objective. The first night, he designate two lovers. If one of them dies, the other will follow them to their grave.
Cupid only has the power to designate the two lovers. Once they've been named, he becomes similar to a Simple Villager.
He can auto-designate himself as a lover.
The two lovers can be in different teams. If a Wolf is coupled with an innocent, they need to eliminate all the players to win the game.
The two lovers can discuss at any moment through a private chat that you can activate via the button on the left of where you write messages.
Copying the text indicating the information on your couple in the chat is considered as unfair gameplay.
The Cupid does not win with lovers but with the innocents or with werewolves if he is infected.


There are four distinct types of couple:
Innocent - Innocent
Werewolf - Innocent
Werewolf - Werewolf
Solitary role - Werewolf / Innocent

The Innocent - Innocent couple

Innocent couple, your goal is to survive, and hope for a victory from the villager's team.
It is rare for an innocent couple to finish the game alive, since there is a big chance that one of the two will be eaten by the Werewolves or voted by mistake by the village.

Try to survive until the village's victory, you already have the advantage of knowing an innocent player.

The Werewolf - Werewolf couple (White Wolf included)

If you find yourself in this situation, you risk cursing poor Cupid.
In fact, this type of couple can represent a huge disadvantage for the Wolves team who will lose not one, but two Werewolves in one turn, reducing drastically their chances of victory, and annihilating all hope to win as a couple.

However it is the occasion for you to offer the biggest betrayal possible to the Werewolves. When they think they've won, it'll be time for you and your lover to eliminate your teammates and spend the rest of your days together. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!

The Werewolf - Innocent couple

All couple victory is hard, but this one is definitely the most amusing to play.
You need to establish your strategy together, and to choose at what moment you kill Werewolves, without them finding out about your deception.

You must therefore be careful of the village's dead roles, like the Dictator, the Witch, or the Hunter, which could interrupt your journey at any moment, but also of the Werewolves who could attack the innocent player of the couple.
The Werewolf coupled with the innocent must also give good arguments to separate his nocturnal comrades from his loved one.

If you are the Black Wolf, it is recommended not to infect your couple, unless he has been killed by the Wolves, or if the Werewolves have the majority. You will then become a Werewolf - Werewolf couple.

The Werewolf in the couple has the authorization to reveal the entirety of the Werewolves' identities to his partner, but must assume the defeat of his camp if his lover is a little bit too talkative.

The Solitary role - Innocent / Wolf couple

In this couple, no matter the partner, we will find a solitary role. The conditions for solitary victory will prevail over victory as a couple.

In fact, if the Mercenary successfully eliminates his target, he is the only one to win even if you've actively participated in his victory. The same goes for the Sick Rat who will win alone if he can contaminate the rest of the village, you included.

In this kind of couple, if you wish to win together, then the solitary role must act as an innocent, and not as a Sick Rat or a Mercenary. Be careful however for tricks, it would be a shame that your Sick Rat teammate would betray you at the end of the game.

To self-couple or not to self-couple?

If you are the Cupid, you have the right to put yourself in love with another player, whether it is a fun or serious game.

Putting yourself in the couple is a way to add spice to the game, and to be sure not to be fooled by the couple you have formed. However, putting two random players together would maybe be the opportunity for you to target two Wolves in one shot. Something to advantage the village if one of the two is eliminated.

The infected Cupid

If you are infected, you have a big advantage on the couple because it is possible for you to kill it at night and kill two birds with one stone.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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