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Playing the Gravedigger

The Gravedigger is an informative role. He stresses the Werewolves because his death will result in a leak of information for the village.


His goal is to defeat the Werewolves. When he dies, the Gravedigger digs the grave of a player he chooses and a player from the opposite side. The names of these two players will be announced.
If the Gravedigger has designated a Wolf at his death, then the other name announced will be a innocent.
If the Gravedigger has designated an innocent at his death, then the other name announced will be a Werewolf.


Sacrificing yourself to win

You must remember that your death is useful to the game. If there is only one Werewolf left, you can choose to sacrifice yourself for the rest of the village. This will reduce any doubts about the Werewolf between two people. It is interesting to sacrifice to find the infected Werewolf : it is an advantage of the Gravedigger who can find a Werewolf, the infected, and even an Heir Werewolf.

Choosing the right player

When you die, click on a player whose innocence has already been revealed. You will reveal a Werewolf to the village for sure.
The Gravedigger can choose a player who has a role with a power of death so he can do justice by himself (the Dictator, the Witch…).

The infected Gravedigger

If you are infected, do not reveal your role to the rest of the village. They might ask you to sacrifice yourself in order to find out who the last werewolves are. Also, do not use your role when you die. You risk betraying one of your allies!

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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