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Playing the Mentalist

The Mentalist is a strong role from the same family as the Seer: he gives information on the game.


His objective is to defeat the werewolves. He can perceive the outcome of the village's vote 30 seconds before it ends.
30 seconds before the voting ends, the Mentalist receives a message in the chat indicating if the vote is going well or not.
He can therefore determine if the majority vote targets a Werewolf or not, and influence the players to change their vote.
Copying the message indicating the outcome of the vote is considered as unfair gameplay.
Contrary to the Seer, he can detect if a player has been infected by the Black Wolf.
As the Mentalist, you can not detect the Sick Rat and the people he has contamined.


Playing simply

A popular practice of the Mentalist is to leave his vote on a player, and if the vote is going badly, invites the players to switch votes to another player to avoid killing an innocent player. Even if the more experimented players will not be fooled, it is still and efficient way to not openly reveal your role, but still influence the game!

"Menta tests"

It is quite frequent to talk about "Menta tests" to ask for confirmation on suspicions of another player.

If a Werewolf is already known by the village, it is possible to launch a vote on an other player to test if he is also a Werewolf. If not, you will know one innocent people and it is always possible to switch your vote in the Werewolf.

As much as it can be a good strategy to truly know if a player is innocent, this technique has a major weak spot: it forces the Mentalist to reveal his role, which usually leads to his death or an upcoming infection. You also have to count on the village’s reactivity to switch votes…

The discreet method

A good game technique is to act discreetly, while gathering information during every round. While paying attention to the tendency of each vote, you can start identifying the innocent people from the Werewolves to then reveal all your information with one big strike.
It is not recommended to reveal yourself in the early beginning of the game. The werewolves will try to kill you as soon as possible !

Teamed with the Necromancer

In the presence with the Necromancer, you can allow yourself to reveal nothing, until one of you two die. You can then share information through the chat of the dead.

In the couple

If you are cupid to an other player, do not hesitate to share information you got with him.

The infected Mentalist

Infecting the Mentalist is a very good and sneaky way to win the game for the werewolves because he will sow discord and confusion quickly in the village. Be careful, an infected Mentalist who has revealed his role but is never killed by the werewolves is going to be suspect, especially if he starts to give false information…

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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