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Glossary of Wolfy terms

This glossary updated over time and usage is intended to help you understand the different terms used by Wolfy players during a game. This is a non-exhaustive list and some of the neologismes aren't necessarily there or will be found in a different form, nonetheless these are the most common and the most useful terms!

Afk : Away from keyboard. The player is absent or inactive.
Auto cupi : Cupid's action to put himself in the couple.

Brain : Manipulation, trying to trick the players regarding a specific action.
Bv : Abbreviation for Bavard, refering to the "Talkative Wolf".
Bl : Abbreviation for “bas level”. Term used by french players to speak about new players, debutant ones.

C'est bv : Designating a word as possibly being one of the Talkative Wolf's words.
Chass/Chassou : Abbreviation for the Hunter.
Conta : Abbreviation for Contaminated. This is a Term used by the players who've been contaminated by the Sick Rat.
Contre vote : The player quickly votes against the person who accused him, without giving a valid reason.
Chat : The In-Game interface that allows you to send messages.
Contest : When a player challenges the revealing of someone else's role by claiming that it is your own.
Cr/Chap : Abbreviation of Red Riding Hood.
Cupi : Abbreviation of Cupid.
Cupidé : Said about a player that Cupid has put in a couple with another player.
Call : Accusing someone to be a Werewolf, without any tangible information.

Def : Abbreviation of Defense. It means to give elements (without revealing your role) to prove your innocence.
Dévote : When a player asks to remove the votes against him.
Dicta : Abbreviation for Dictator.
Dévo : Abbreviation of "Dévoilement", which is to reveal one's role to the other players.

Fake / fake dévo : When a player reveals a role that isn't his.
First : The player to have done the concerned action first.
Fixer : Describes the fact of keeping your vote on a player.
Fosso : Abbreviation of "Fossoyeur", which is the Gravedigger.
Fv : First vote. The first vote (usually against a Wolf). It is potentially a pledge of confidence towards that player.
Focus : To persist on a player.

Game : A game.
Gl : Abbreviation of Good Luck, often said at the beginning of a game.
Gris : Abbreviation for the Grey Wolf (the classic wolf).
Gg : Abbreviation of the english word “Good game”.

Hl : Abbreviation of “High Level”. Player with a high level, with a lot of experience.
Hf : Abbreviation of “Have fun”, meaning “enjoy the game”.

Inf : Abbreviation for infected. Word used for the Black Wolf or the personne they have infected.
Infecté : This concerns the player who has become a Werewolf by the biais of the Black Wolf while maintaining their original role.
Inno : Abbreviation for innocent, the concerned player is in the Villagers party.

Kill : Fact of killing someone in the game.

Lb/Lgb : Abbreviation of White Wolf (lone wolf) or when this role isn't present, it is an abbreviation for the Talkative Wolf
Lbv / Lgbv : Abbreviation for the Talkative Wolf (or Talkative Werewolf)
Lg : Abbreviation of Werewolf. « The Werewolves » describes the whole team of wolves.
Lgn / Ln : Abbreviation of the Black Wolf.
Lolo : Abbreviation of Laurels

Menta : Abbreviation of Mentalist
Merco / merc : Abbreviation of Mercenary
Necro : Abbreviation of Necromancer
Ninja : Describes the action of voting at the last second to unbalance the current equality of votes, therefore killing a player.

Obvious/Obv : Something evident.

Pf : Abbreviation of Petit Fille, which is the Little Girl
Ping : When you mention a player using the at symbol.
Popo : Abbreviatoin of potion (owned by the Witch).
Popo kill : The Witch's death potion which she used or should use to kill a player.
Popo save / popo rez : The Witch's healing potion that she used or should use to resurect a player that was killed during the night.
Protect / Prot : Word meaning to protect a player (as well as it's abbreviation), describing the action of the Guard.
Pivot : Describes the inversion of the current vote tendency, by pivoting to another player since the current player seems innocent.
Prio : Abbreviation for “priority”.
Pyro : Abbreviation of Pyromancer.

Réa / Rez : Abbreviation of reanimate/resurect, describing the action of the Witch using her healing potion.
Rea/Reac : Acting like someone having an innocent role in the party.
Rip : “Rest In Peace”.
Ruin : Word used to describe a player or a group of players that have not played properly and therefore lead their team to defeat.

Safe : Synonym of innocent.
Soso : Abbreviation for "Sorcière", which is the witch.
Spec : Describes the action of the Clairvoyant looking at a player's role.
Sus : Abbreviation for suspect
Sv : Abbreviation for the Simple Villager.

Test menta : Thanks to the Mentalist role, the players will vote a specific player to ask for a "test menta" and verify if that person is truly innocent. The timer during the day needs to reach the last 30 seconds to be able to verify that persons innocence.
T1, 2 : Abbreviation refering to the first round, second round, third, etc.
Team/Teaming : Players cheating with each other.
Timer/Time : The time left for a player to play his turn (wether it be during the day or during the night for the concerned roles). When it is a player's request, it means to ask other players to vote by majority a certain person to reduce the timer to 30 seconds.
Troll : Word used to design actions that make no sense or that are intended to ruin the game.

Unvote : The action of removing your vote against a player.

Vivi : Abbreviation of Village or for the Villager role.
Vote : The action of voting for someone, wether it's to kill them or to vote for them for mayor during the second round.
Vovo : Abbreviation of Voyante, which is the clarivoyant.

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