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Playing the Villager

Essential to a good game balance, the Villagers are the least-liked roles of Wolfy and Werewolf players.


Their objective is to defeat the Werewolves. His word is his only power of persuasion to eliminate them. Stay alert for hints, and identify the culprits.
In the case of an equality during the daily vote and if no mayor is elected, no player dies.
The votes of the Villagers can be decisive in the fight against the Werewolves.


The mindset of a Villager

By his absence of power, the Villager does not need to fear death, it is even preferable that the Wolves choose this role as a target.

When you incarnate this role, it is the occasion for you to take an active part in the debates, and to report the more suspicious behaviors. Helped by your great analytical skills, you become an obstacle for the Wolves who will try and get rid of you rather than another powerful role.

Fairplay as a Villager

You wished to be the Seer, Witch, or even a Werewolf, and here you are as a Villager. Respect the game for the other players, and don't try to get yourself killed. On top of reducing your chances of winning the game, you take the risk of being punished for your behavior.

Before starting the game, always verify that the established configuration reaches your expectations. If there are Villagers and you do not wish to play this role, don't hesitate to join another game.

The infected Villager

If you are infected as a Villager, you have the same powers as the other Werewolves : your vote.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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