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Playing the Seer

The mythical role of the werewolf, the Seer has a very powerful and dangerous power for Werewolves who wish to remain anonymous at all costs. It is also a difficult role to play because she will be one of the first targets of the Werewolves.


Her goal is to defeat the werewolves. Each night, she can learn the role of a player she has chosen. She must help the innocents without being found out.
Use your power each night by clicking on the player of your choice to find out their role.
The Seer can not see the infected player by the Black Wolf, only its role.
Copying the text indicating the role of the observed player is considered unfair gameplay.


Revealing a Werewolf

If you discover a werewolf, you can decide to reveal your role in order to kill them as soon as possible, but you risk incurring the wrath of the pack. In this case, you must be cunning and try to get the message across to the innocents without letting them know that you know too much.
One technique is to carry your suspicions to the Werewolves during the day without showing any certainty. This way, when you die, the villagers can trace the messages and learn the identity of the Werewolves you have been tracking.

Be more or less persuasive according to the Wolf you found : do not reveal yourself too frankly for a Talkative Wolf who will be spotted sooner or later, but if you find the Black Wolf while he hasn’t infected yet, do not hesitate to insist for voting him !

If there is a White Wolf in the game, it is recommended to wait for the third day to reveal your information. Indeed, during the second night, the chances to die are high because no one can protect you from the White Wolf’s attack.

All information is useful

If you find an innocent player's card, don't think of it as a bad move on your part. This information can be valuable to you for the rest of the game, you trust what that player can tell, and this information will help you find the Werewolves by elimination.

Dying too early

If you die before you have a chance to give some juicy information to help the village, you can always talk to the Necromancer (if there is one).

The Infected Seer

If you find yourself infected by the Black Wolf, you'll be able to help your new side by revealing to them the roles of the different players you've spied. You can then decide to kill the most troublesome elements of the game.

One tricky technique is to reveal the role of one of your werewolf teammates in order to make yourself innocent in the eyes of the village even after the infection. Be careful, the Werewolf in question must give you their consent during the night.
The infected Werewolf is also useful for Werewolves to find the White Wolf if he is in the game.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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