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Playing the Heir

The Heir is a complex role by it's capacity to upset the flow of the game at any moment. He starts on the Villager's side, but could change camps during the game.


His objective is to defeat the Werewolves as long as he has not received another role. The first night, he designates a testator who will bequeath them their role when they die.
The Heir recuperates only the unused powers of their testator (Witch's potion, Dictator's control of power...), with the exception of the Hunter and the Gravedigger.
They do not recuperate the infection (Black Wolf) nor the contamination (Sick Rat) of their testator. They conserve the infection or contamination they previously had.
If they inherit their powers from a Werewolf, the other wolves are notified that he will join the group.
If they inherit the powers of a Dictator who died during the night of his revolution, the Heir will have to assume the consequences and continue the revolution in the morning.


Choosing your testator

Follow your instinct and select the player that inspires you the most. If you were chosen by the Cupid, it might be interesting to choose your soulmate as a testator if he is Gravedigger or Hunter. You could use twice their power ! However, avoid choosing a player already inactive, this player has very little chance of being killed during the game and you will not have the occasion to inherit their role.

Make sure to not intentionally kill your testator. This person will potentially be part of your party, and deserves to have a good game experience without being targeted by an impatient Inheritor.

Inheriting the role of an innocent

Keep looking for Wolves. After inheriting, you could use your thoughts in case you are still innocent.
The village will have the information if the Heir inherit a role because it ill be called again at night (example : if the Guard dies, it will be called again the following night)

Inheriting the role of a Werewolf

The Heir inherits the role of the Talkative Wolf: take advantage of the fact that the other players are convinced that the Talkative Wolf is already dead to place your words in peace.
The Heir inherits the role of the White Wolf: in the image of the White Wolf, you can kill one night out of two. Be careful, the Werewolves will quickly discover your identity.
The Heir inherits the role of the Black Wolf : if the Black Wolf didn’t infect yet, use this power quickly because you will be targeted soon.

Inheriting a solitary role

The Heir inherits the role of the Sick Rat: with a bit of luck, you are already contaminated by your testator. It's the ideal situation to go unnoticed by the village. Note that all the contaminated players after the Sick Rat cannot be the Heir.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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