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Playing the Dictator

The Dictator is a risky role that can change the course of a game. It brings an interesting balancing act.


His objective is to defeat the Werewolves. He can take over the voting power of the village once in the game. If he executes a Werewolf, he becomes Mayor, otherwise he dies.
After deciding to make his coup, the Dictator takes the vote at dawn, or after the mayor’s election on the second day.
If he has targeted a Wolf and a mayor is already elected, he becomes mayor, if he has targeted an innocent, he dies.
The Talkative Wolf does not need to place his word during the day if the Dictator takes power, except on the second day during the mayor's election.

If you are in a serious game, it is completely forbidden to make your coup during day one.


Don't take too long

You must anticipate when you want to use your power. If you wait too long, you run the risk of dying each night without the opportunity to use your power.

It is still better to have a minimum of information about the game. If the chances of finding a werewolf are not on your side, you should not risk losing two elements to the village.

Who to choose?

Pay attention to the players' messages.
Maybe someone will have information to give you, a Seer who wants to give you a crucial information for example. You can also look for the Talkative Wolf who is easier to find among other Wolves.

Don't be too hasty and beware of traps set by the Werewolves to make you eliminate an innocent person.

The infected Dictator

In this configuration, your power does not change. If your power was activated during the night of the infection, the only way to stay alive is to kill a Werewolf or do nothing.
But doing nothing after a Black Wolf infection is a very suspicious act. It must be a well thought out and reasoned action, for example to give the Werewolves an extra night to outnumber you.

You can also buy one round for your allies if you decide to make your coup and abdicate immediately so you can skip one day of voting. Be careful, innocent people will quickly understand that you are infected.

Play against the Dictator

If you are a Wolf, the Dictator is a big danger for your team. You must kill him the most quickly you can, or infect him. Be careful not to be taken at your own game and be sacrified by the Dictator’s coup.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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