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Playing the Werewolf

It can be hard to play the Werewolf, and to know how to defend yourself in front of the village without looking suspicious.


Defeating the innocents is their objective. During that night, the Werewolves join together to vote and choose who should be eliminated. During the day, they must not be unmasked.
The Werewolf are called once per night. They can discuss with other Wolves during their voting phase.
If the vote at night leads to a tie, a player dies randomly among those who were targeted in the tie.
No player will die if the Wolves don't target anyone.


The role of the werewolf is not the easiest role to hide from the other players. In fact, any attempt at revealing another role as your own, inevitably risks being challenged by that same role owned by another player.
Moreover, the presence of "informational roles" (Seer, Mentalist, Necromancer etc.), his task is complexified as the game progresses, the rounds pass and the increasing risk of the truth being exposed to the village.
Nonetheless, complex doesn't mean impossible, there is a multitude of ways for a Werewolf to defend themselves conveniently without being challenged for his role.

Going unnoticed

First of all, the first thing to know is that you should never play idly hoping to pass through the holes in the net and being forgotten (on top of being an unsuccessful method, it's also against the implemented rules).
The best way to hide while being active is being implicated in the search for the Werewolves. You need to give hypotheses, try to make connections, interpret reactions and vote other players. A multitude of elements that allow you to be active in the game.

You also shouldn't give away your fellow Wolves, thinking you can save yourself, this procedure is framed by strict rules which limit unfair gameplay.

Smart votes

Next, not always following the votes of your wolf teammates is also a great approach to avoid highlighting a group as playing together. Causing trouble and doubt in the spirit of the innocents is the best way to win the game.

On that note, when a Wolf's teammate seems to be in a critical situation, it is completely justified to vote them and try and kill him when the village seems to be doing the same, rather than defend him at all costs, and, at his death and revelation of his role, put yourself under the spotlight as being on their team.
The same goes for the vote for mayor, as well as having a wolf as mayor could be an important asset later, it's also a risk to be exposed faster.

Keeping your cool

Adding to the perfect Werewolf that has nothing to be ashamed of, when he is accused he should not be offended and seek to counterattack immediately. Calm and patience are key assets to keeping your role a secret.

When you've been voted by another player, giving elements indicating you have actively participated in the search of the wolves or even voting and killing another Werewolf is necessary to be staying alive.

The revealing or semi-revealing (general information to group in multiple roles without targeting one specific role) is to be avoided in this kind of situation, because it seems like a way to clumsily escape death.
Even when trying to reveal an important role to have it challenged, experimented players wont be tricked easily and wont reveal themselves simply by killing you.

Changing your strategy throughout the game

Finally, create your on Werewolf identity!
The more you play with the same players you risk developing game "patterns" which can reveal your role without you even realizing. Don't always use these the same way and with the same intensity, by being the same perfectly innocent player too often, we will easily find your true identity.

Also, adapting, changing your playing style and making "mistakes" are great ways for you to make a ruthless and imperceptible Werewolf identity for yourself in the long term!

Unmasking a Werewolf

The simpler method to find a Werewolf is using the Seer, the Mentalist or the Gravedigger’s powers. However, somme deductions can be made without having any particular power:
The votes by other players give a lot of clues about their intentions when we know the identity of the dead. Older votes are a wealth of information to observe how players took position during the game.
The Werewolves usually try not to speak too much. They speak during the night and follow other players during the day.
The Werewolves try to innocent less people as possible and usually don’t want to accuse someone first.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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