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Playing the Guard

This role is used in a majority of the games. An observant and thoughtful Guard will know how to make the difference in a Wolfy game.


His objective is to defeat the Werewolves. Every night, he can protect a different player against the Werewolves' attacks.
The Guard cannot protect the same person twice in a row
He can protect himself.
The protected player is still vulnerable to other attacks, such as the Witch's death potion, or the White Wolf.


Defending the right elements

The Guard needs to take in account the possible reveals that have happened during the game to protect the possible victims: for example, the Seer who has revealed herself to kill a Werewolf, or even an innocent person who acts in favor of the village and risks being chosen as a target during the night.

Reading between the lines

In the presence of the Black Wolf who hasn't yet infected another player, The Guard allows to learn crucial information:

If the Black Wolf is not called to infect the victim, it means that the Guard had protected the Werewolves' victim during the night. We can conclude that the person who was protected is innocent.
If the Black Wolf has infected another player during the night, the player who was protected by the Guard cannot be infected. This information is important to remember for the end of the game, and it is better to divulge this information before you die.

Keeping a low profile

The Guard is an important role for the innocents if he stays discreet about his role and protections. Do not reveal who you protected during the night : you can’t do it twice in a row so the Werewolves might deduce a vulnerable person next night. Be subtle and try to coordinate your information with the Witch’s to innocent a player for sure.

The infected Guard

It could be interesting for the Werewolves to infect the Guard : he will be one obstacle less to achieve killing during the night and eliminate an innocent. The faster the Werewolves have the majority, the faster the game is won ! The infected Guard can also lie about the person he protected during the night of the infection to try to innocent himself.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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