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Playing the Hunter

Various options : letting fate take its course? Listening to a wise innocent? Keeping your last bullet? We quickly dissect the good methods to be an indubitably efficient Hunter for the village!


Defeating the Werewolves is his objective. His role has a direct impact on the village. When the Hunter dies he has the power to bring another player with him to his grave.
The Hunter has the possibility of not killing a player when he dies if he finds that to be strategic.


Watching over the Red Riding Hood

You need to be aware of the forces present in the game.

A particular role will have our attention, the Red Riding Hood. She cannot die during the Werewolves turn at night as long as you, the Hunter, are alive. Your power is only used at your death, but it is very important to try and stay alive as long as possible to benefit for this additional effect, preventing your protected from falling in the claws of your enemies.

It is recommended not to reveal your role too quickly or uselessly. Don’t be so impatient to use your gun !

Who to target?

When your turn has come, pay attention to the player's messages.
Maybe someone will have information to transmit you, a Seer eager to give you a crucial element, for example.

Don't rush yourself and stay away from traps laid by the Werewolves making you eliminate an innocent player.
Finally, do not act by revenge ! Your role is powerful and can swing apart the game if you kill an innocent.

When there is a Gravedigger, it might be interesting to ask being chosen for the graves. Indeed, if you get killed, you would automatically know who to shoot at your death.

The Infected Hunter

If you become infected, be careful who you are voting for ; killing the Red Riding Hood at night would reveal you to the village.
Your shoot can be an advantage for your team. Choose for your target a player who already has been cleared, or with a powerful role. You can try to pretend a fake role to find the real one and bring him to death with you.

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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