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Grades on Wolfy

The background of each player's image is colored. You just saw a player who doesn't have the same background color as yours and wonder if it's an alien ? The answer is no : we will explain everything to you 🌈

The six grades of Wolfy

The gray color corresponds to the rank of Player. It is automatically assigned to all new accounts and does not change until the rank changes, or until you purchase the Alpha.

Player Grade

The purple color corresponds to the Alpha grade. This is an extension to the Player rank that is purchasable and that allows you to benefit from many advantages on the game. We invite you to visit our related article The Alpha to find out more!

Alpha Grade

The yellow color is the most intriguing: it is the Celebrity grade. This rank is reserved for influential personalities from gaming and the internet. It does not offer any particular advantages in game other than those of the Alpha rank, but it allows a highlight by its beautiful star color ⭐ If you think you are an influential Celebrity, please tell us more about yourself, your networks, your visibility and your specialties so that the Wolfy team can look at your request.

Celebrity Grade

The blue color is assigned to game Moderators. They are part of Wolfy moderation team and are identifiable by this color both in-game and on our Discord. You will find articles about moderating Wolfy and How to become a moderator.

Moderator Grade

The green color corresponds to the Team rank. It brings together the members of the Wolfy Team who are not the creators of the game nor the members of the moderation team: they are the graphic designers, developers, community managers... Just like Moderators or Celebrities, when you meet them in game, they don't have more clues or advantages than you. They play to find wolves just like you 🐺

Team Grade

The red color is reserved to the Administrators. They are the creators of Wolfy and are still working all over the project to keep it continuing its life and greatness.

Administrator Grade

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Updated on: 13/12/2022

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