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Playing the Mercenary

The Mercenary is an appreciated role used to encourage the village to vote on the first round, and to bring a challenge in the beginning of the game.


The first day, his objective is to eliminate the target given to him. If he succeeds, he instantly wins the game. Otherwise, he will become a villager.
The target's username is indicated at sunrise.
The first day, the Mercenary has the possibility to vote at the last second in the case of a tie on their target to influence the vote in his favor and instantly win the game.
Even if he was paired by the Cupid, the Mercenary still has the possibility to win alone during the first day.


Tricking the village

There are many ways to win as the Mercenary.

Playing on confusion and the lack of information during the first round is one.
Pretending to know something on someone can allow you to convince the other players to eliminate them. Accusing someone of being the Black Werewolf can help recruit the majority of the votes quickly.

Be careful of the other end of the stick coming back to you!
Wanting to eliminate a player too much risks making an enemy of them, try not to attract the thunder of the Witch or the Dictator. You also need to keep in mind this method will not always work since it is pretty obvious.

Equalizing the vote with your target

A more advanced technique consists of waiting for the first votes, and then to vote your target asking for an equalization to not let the Mercenary win the game. You can then subtly remove your vote while the equalization is happening with your target, to add it back at the end of the day.

Influencing the only voter

When the Dictator takes control of the vote during the first round, or the Hunter is killed during the first night, the Mercenary only needs to convince one player during those 30 seconds.

Nothing is lost

If you have not succeeded in killing your target during the first round, your role is summed up as the role of a Simple Villager. Nonetheless, you are the only person able to defend yourself as being the Mercenary unlike the Simple Villager who can be more numerous and which the Werewolves like to pretend to be. It'll be easier to convince the village of your innocence.

The Infected Mercenary

If you are infected the first night, you have the choice between winning with your solitary role or winning with Werewolves. Nothing prevents you from trying the lonely way and switching with Werewolves if you don’t succeed. Be careful not to get the other wolves angry about you…
If you are infected after this first day, you are the equivalent of an infected Villager.

Playing against the Mercenary

Even if he is a menace to victory, it is not advised to kill the Mercenary during the first round to keep him from winning.

You should try and identify the target to not let him win, concentrating the village’s efforts elsewhere. From the second day if he hasn't died during the night, he can help the other innocent players.

To avoid letting the Mercenary win, the village has to at least create a tie vote between two players.
Mind the ninja votes however…

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Updated on: 26/04/2022

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